Securing Your Online Rental Experience directly addresses the risk of online rental scams. Our suite of security tools and services is tailored to safeguard the online rental process, offering robust support for both renters and landlords. We’re here to ensure your rental experience is both secure and reliable, every step of the way.

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Enhance safety and awareness within your organisation against online rental fraud. Our services are tailored to safeguard renters during relocation, ensuring a secure transition.

For Partners


Safeguard your rental journey from property scams. We conduct landlord verifications, manage escrow for secure transactions, assess rental risks, and more, all on your behalf.

For renters


Experience the confidence of leasing to verified renters. We streamline the online rental process, offering you robust security and peace of mind in your property lettings.

For landlords

Our Services

Identity Verification

Only transact with authentic landlords and renters with Secureprop Verify.

For just €19.99 / £17.99 we ensure that landlords and renters are who they say they are. Our system detects fake or doctored identification – our liveness and biometric testing prevents scammers from using stolen identification.

Escrow Protection

Protect before you pay with Secureprop Escrow

Renters often face the challenge of paying for properties they’ve never seen.
We hold your rental payments in escrow and only release the funds to the landlord after you move in. This prevents deposit and pre-let rent payment theft. We charge a fee of 3.5% of total funds held in escrow.

Risk Assessment

Assess the risk before you pay with Secureprop Risk.

We review your property rental offer and issue advice and recommendations.
We determine risk, identify red flags and secure the process for renters prior to payment.

Get your risk assessment today for just €29.99 / £25.99.

Renter benefits

It’s simple – renters receive a property rental offer from a landlord and then contact us to secure the process, prior to payment. Our approach prioritises preventative fraud measures, support, scam alerts and awareness.

Our tools and services protect renters.

Use on any platform including social media

Check any rental property offer

Confirm your landlord’s identity

Protect your pre-let rental payments

Transact with peace of mind

Rental scam alerts

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How it Works

1. Rental Property Discovery

When you find a property online or receive a rental offer from a landlord, pause before making any commitments or payments. This is the ideal time to consider We’re here to help you verify the legitimacy of the property offer and protect you from potential rental scams.

2. Secureprop Review

Renter contacts Secureprop after they receive a property offer from a landlord or identify a property of interest online.

Our team will conduct a thorough review of your situation and provide tailored recommendations on the most suitable security services.

Secureprop Verify and Secureprop Escrow require agreement from the landlord however Secureprop risk requires no landlord involvement. We can advise accordingly.

3. We Secure The Rental

We secure the rental process for the renter via one or more of our three primary services; verification, escrow or risk assessment.

We make contact with the landlord in order to perform our verification or escrow service. No landlord contact or involvement is required for our risk assessment service.

We complete the process and issue a final recommendation to the renter.

Rental Scam Protection Explained

Frequently Asked Questions was established to tackle the growing challenge of online property rental scams. Recognising that these scams often go undetected by renters until it’s too late and seeing the low rates of fraud prosecution, our goal is to offer preventive solutions. Our comprehensive suite of security tools and services is designed to protect both renters and landlords from falling victim to these scams. Beyond protection, we also focus on raising awareness and providing timely alerts through our scam reporting feature and educational articles.

Reporting scams can help others from a prevention and alert perspective. Please email us at to report a scam on a confidential basis. You can learn more about scam reporting here.

Yes, our goal is to raise awareness by documenting the latest scams and other security related information. Check out the articles in our blog to learn more and feel free to request additional information by emailing us at

Secureprop offers a number of low cost security tools and services for renters – Secureprop Verify verifies the identity of your landlord and address, Secureprop Escrow protects pre-let rent payments and we also offer risk assessments if required.

Currently, renters often walk away from legitimate offers because they are unsure of it’s legitimacy – our tools enable renters to proceed with adequate safeguards in place. International renters are often advised not to proceed with a rental offer if they haven’t seen a property – that is sound advice from a security perspective, however it’s not always practical in a low supply housing market. Our tools enable international renters to proceed with rentals in a safe and secure manner, regardless of whether they’ve seen the property or not.

Secureprop Verify is an identity and property verification process designed to ensure that a landlord or renter is who they say they are. Most online rental scams involve fake or stolen identity – Secureprop Verify combats this.

Secureprop Escrow protects renters who are required to pay rent or deposits in advance of their move in date. Typical online rental scams result in the theft of pre-let rental payments – Secureprop Escrow combats this.

Yes, Secureprop’s security tools can be used for rentals sourced on any property platform.

We recommend that renters contact us as soon as they have sourced or been offered a property to rent, but before they have paid any pre-let payments (including deposit, holding fee, rent in advance). Secureprop can secure the process before the renter pays the landlord.

International renters are often advised not to proceed with a rental offer if they haven’t seen a property – that is sound advice from a security perspective, however it’s not always practical and reduces their chances of securing accommodation. Our tools enable international renters to proceed in a safe and secure manner, regardless of whether they’ve seen the property or not.

Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure of how to secure your rental process. We would be glad to help in any way that we can.

Renters can simply contact us at as soon as they wish to start the verification process.

Yes, Secureprop will also verify the renter’s identification and proof of address.

We ensure the landlord or agent is who they say they are. The majority of online rental scams relate to fake landlords or fake properties. By verifying landlords, we remove the scope for fraudsters to create fake identities or use stolen identification.

The verification process costs €19.99 / £17.99 inclusive of VAT. Simply email us at to request the service and we can start the process. The renter typically initiates the service and pays – the service is free for landlords.

Payments are powered by stripe. You will receive a payment link and can pay online via card or the payment method of your choice.

All data and information is encrypted and secure. Identification and proof of address etc. is sensitive personal information and confidentiality, GDPR and encryption is a priority. Sensitive information is destroyed after 90 days.

No, we ensure that the person completing a submission is the true owner of the identity document provided using facial matching biometrics.

In terms of best practice, we advise that renter’s notify their prospective landlord of their wish to partake in Secureprop’s verification process. Subject to landlord agreement, renter’s can introduce us to their landlord via email or send us their name, email and property address.

Most landlords welcome additional security features and they will also benefit from renter verification and escrow accounts. Not all landlords will however wish to use Security tools – renters can contact Secureprop for a risk assessment if they are unable to use the other security tools.

Based on experience, we can review the circumstances and details of a rental proposition to assess the level of risk. We use a blend of manual review and technology tools to determine risk. Recommendations will be issued to the renter outlining the risk determination.

We verify landlord and renter identity using biometric facial recognition software. We also manually review proof of address of both landlords and renters. Confirmation will be sent to both renter and landlord post verification.

No, all information shared with Secureprop is uploaded confidentially to a secure, encrypted platform. Secureprop will only notify the student that the landlord’s identity and address has been verified – not documentation or information would be shared with student. All data is automatically deleted after 90 days in line with GDPR guidelines.

Contact us at and we can discuss your organisation’s needs and potential costs.

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    Highly recommend this service to anyone looking for accommodation!

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    Helped at a very stressful time , direct and fast ! I really appreciate it

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