Secureprop Verify

we authenticate landlords and renters

We ensure that your landlord or renter is who they say they are. The majority of online rental scams involve either fake landlord identities or fake property listings – we protect against both. Safeguard against scams and identity theft via Secureprop verify – our fee is just €12.99.

Simple and intuitive user experience

Biometric facial match with liveness test

Up to 75 point documentation verification check

Manual review in addition to automated checks

Highly secure, encrypted and GDPR compliant

why verification matters

Fake or stolen identification is a typical feature of most rental scams. Verifying the identity of your landlord, in a secure manner, is a simple and cost effective way of protecting yourself from the majority of online rental fraud.

Identity verification is a proven fraud prevention measure as it removes the opportunity for scammers to operate anonymously online.

Comprehensive verification is a priority and we use liveness tests, automated documentation checks and biometric facial match software to ensure that documentation is not stolen and authentic.

Verification will prevent a significant proportion of rental frauds however we do advise that renters consider Secureprop Escrow to protect funds that are transferred before the renter moves in.

transact on any platform

Benefits both landlords and renters. Search for properties or tenants on any platform, including social media, knowing our tools can secure your rental transaction.

Applicable in any renter/landlord transaction

Reduce the overall risk of property fraud

Reduces the reliance on property/renter visits

Protects against identify theft



You apply for accommodation and receive an offer from a landlord.

You notify your landlord that your preference would be for both parties to verify via Secureprop Verify (we can provide suggested wording). Contact us at to start the process.

Remember Secureprop’s security tools are used after you receive an offer but before you send payment.


We contact both the renter and the landlord with verification information, instructions and a link to the submission platform. We can answer any questions that your landlord may have.

Landlords and renters securely submit their Identity information in less than 60 seconds. All information is secure and data is encrypted.


We review all information submitted and complete the required verification steps.

We send a confirmation to the renter and the landlord to confirm that the verification is complete.

The process can be completed on the same day and both parties can progress the rental application in tandem.


What is Secureprop Verify?

Secureprop Verify is an identity and property verification process designed to ensure that a landlord or renter is who they say they are. Most online rental scams involve fake or stolen identity – Secureprop Verify combats this.

What stage in the rental process do I contact Secureprop?

You can contact us as soon after you have been offered a property by the landlord, but before you make any payments.

What should I say to my landlord when telling them about Secureprop Verify?

We suggest something as follows: “For security purposes, it would be appreciated if we could both complete’s verification process prior to payment if that is acceptable to you? You can see further details at or email if you require additional information. If acceptable, would it be ok if I shared your name, email address and property address with Secureprop so they can contact you to start the process?”

What if my landlord does not want to complete Secureprop Verify?

Most landlord’s do not have any issue with completing the process however it is completely optional. We would urge you to assess the situation from a risk assessment before making any payments.

Does Secureprop also verify the renter as part of the process?

Yes, Secureprop will also verify the renter’s identification and proof of address.

We ensure the landlord or agent is who they say they are. The majority of online rental scams relate to fake landlords or fake properties. By verifying landlords, we remove the scope for fraudsters to create fake identities or use stolen identification.

The verification process costs €12.99 inclusive of VAT. Simply email us at to request the service and we can start the process. The renter pays – the service is free for landlords.

Payments are powered by stripe. You will receive a payment link and can pay online via card or the payment method of your choice?

All data and information is encrypted and secure. Identification and proof of address etc. is sensitive personal information and confidentiality, GDPR and encryption is a priority. Information is only available to Secureprop for 90 days.

No, we ensure that the person completing a submission is the true owner of the identity document provided using facial matching biometrics.

In terms of best practice, we advise that renter’s notify their prospective landlord of their wish to partake in Secureprop’s verification process. Subject to landlord agreement, renter’s can introduce us to their landlord via email or send us their name, email and property address.

Most landlords welcome additional security features and they will also benefit from renter verification. Not all landlords will agree to verification – we would urge renters to use their judgement in this scenario from a risk scenario. Renters can contact us to request a risk assessment before proceeding.

Based on experience, we can review the circumstances and details of a rental offer to assess the level of risk. We use a blend of experience based manual review and technology tools to determine risk and issue recommendations.

We verify landlord and renter identity using biometric facial recognition software. We also manually review proof of address of both landlords and renters. Confirmation will be sent to both renter and landlord post verification.

No, all information shared with Secureprop is uploaded confidentially to a secure, encrypted platform. Secureprop will only notify the student that the landlord’s identity and address has been verified – not documentation or information would be shared with student. All data is automatically deleted after 90 days in line with GDPR guidelines.

Contact us at and we can discuss your organisation’s needs and potential costs.

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