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We specialise in securing housing platforms and communities, offering robust protection against online rental scams. Our services include seamless process integration, rent escrow agreements for secure transactions, comprehensive property risk assessments, and thorough verification of landlord identities. Our aim is to foster safety and trust in online rental experiences, backed by our commitment to provide additional support and benefits tailored to the needs of our users.

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Our Services

Landlord or Agent Verification

We ensure that landlords and renters are who they say they are. Our system detects fake or doctored identification.

Secureprop verify

Rent Escrow Accounts

We hold your rental payments in escrow and only release the funds to the landlord after you move in.

secureprop escrow

Property Risk Assessment

We review all the details regarding your rental property offer, to determine potential risk and issue practical security recommendations.

secureprop Risk

Our Services

Identity Verification

We add a vital layer of protection with Secureprop Verify.

We ensure that landlords are who they say they are. Our system detects fake or doctored identification – our liveness and biometric testing prevents scammers from using stolen identification.

Escrow Protection

Protect before you pay with Secureprop Escrow

Renters often face the challenge of paying for properties they’ve never seen.
We hold rental payments in escrow and only release the funds to the landlord after the renter moves in. This prevents deposit and pre-let rent payment theft.

Risk Assessment

Assess the risk before you pay with Secureprop Risk.

We review a renter’s property rental offer and issue advice and recommendations.
We determine risk, identify red flags and secure the process prior to payment.

Why Partner With

Prevent Rental Scams

Seamless Integration or Member Promotion

SecureProp offers a flexible solution tailored to organisational needs, allowing for either direct integration into existing processes or simple promotion to members and staff. This adaptability ensures that organizations can choose the approach that best suits their structure, while still providing substantial protection against rental scams. Our service includes a comprehensive suite of security tools designed to safeguard the rental process. Beyond just security, we also emphasize raising awareness about rental scams and educating members, effectively alerting them to potential property frauds. By choosing SecureProp, organizations can offer their members or staff an effective layer of protection, whether they opt for a direct integration or prefer to simply endorse our services

With, experience a rental process that is both secure and landlord-friendly

Partner benefits

Secureprop collaborates with partners to enhance the integrity and safety of their property listing platforms. Our services ensure authenticity in listings and secure financial transactions, significantly reducing the risk of rental scams.

Our Services Support Partners

Verified Landlord Identities

Safe Rent Payment Process

Strong Scam Protection

Scam Reporting & Awareness

Reliable Support

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How it Works

1. Integrate or Promote

Partners can choose to integrate Secureprop’s services directly into their platforms, or simply recommend us to their members. This flexibility allows for enhanced security within existing systems or promotes independent use of our services for diverse accommodation sources, including social media.

2. Renter Protection

Secureprop secures the rental process and protects the renter.

Renters can avail of Secureprop Verify, Secureprop Escrow or an independent risk assessment subject to their needs.

3. Ongoing Support

Secureprop is committed to providing continuous support to both partnering organisations and renters.

Frequently Asked Questions was established to tackle the growing challenge of online property rental scams. Recognising that these scams often go undetected by renters until it’s too late and seeing the low rates of fraud prosecution, our goal is to offer preventive solutions. Our comprehensive suite of security tools and services is designed to protect both renters and landlords from falling victim to these scams. Beyond protection, we also focus on raising awareness and providing timely alerts through our scam reporting feature and educational articles.

Secureprop streamlines the rental process for landlords by offering a range of supportive services. We facilitate knowledge sharing and answer any questions you might have, ensuring you’re well-informed throughout the process. Additionally, we assist in lease or license preparation, simplifying this often complex task. For further ease, Secureprop manages payment collections directly from tenants, ensuring timely and secure financial transactions. These services collectively make the rental process more efficient and less burdensome for landlords, allowing them to focus on their properties rather than administrative tasks.

Secureprop Verify is a comprehensive identity verification service. Its primary aim is to confirm the authenticity of landlords and renters, establishing trust in their identities. This service is particularly crucial as most online rental scams revolve around the use of fake or stolen identities. By using Secureprop Verify, both renters and landlords can significantly reduce the risk of falling prey to such fraudulent activities.

At Secureprop, we focus on authenticating the identity of the landlord or agent, a crucial step since a large portion of online rental scams involve fictitious landlords or non-existent properties. Our verification process rigorously checks and confirms the legitimacy of the landlords, effectively reducing the chances for fraudsters to use fake or stolen identities. This thorough verification of landlords and their properties is key to safeguarding renters against deceptive practices and ensuring the integrity of the rental transaction.

The cost for our verification service is €19.99, VAT included. To begin the process, renters can simply email us at Generally, it is the renter who initiates and pays for the service. For landlords, there is no charge; the service is provided free of cost. This approach ensures that the verification process is accessible and convenient for both parties, with the primary goal of establishing a secure and trustworthy rental environment.

Initiating the Secureprop verification process is easy. As a renter, all you need to do is email us at, ideally as soon as you’ve decided to start the verification process. In your email, it’s helpful to include basic details about the rental property and any specific concerns or needs you might have. Our team will promptly respond with the next steps and guide you through the verification process to ensure a secure rental experience.

As a best practice, we recommend that renters inform their prospective landlords about their intention to use Secureprop’s verification process. This communication is key to establishing transparency and obtaining the landlord’s consent. Once the landlord agrees, renters can either introduce us to their landlord via email or provide us with the landlord’s name, email, and property address. This approach facilitates a smooth initiation of the verification process and ensures all parties are aligned.

While most landlords appreciate the added security that comes with our verification and escrow services, we understand that some may prefer not to participate. In such cases, renters still have options for ensuring their security. We encourage you to contact Secureprop for a property risk assessment, a service that can be carried out independently of landlord involvement. This assessment offers valuable insights and protection, helping you make informed decisions about your rental choice.

Yes, Secureprop will also verify the renter’s identification and proof of address.

Our verification service employs cutting-edge biometric facial recognition software to authenticate the identities of both landlords and renters. In addition to this advanced technology, we conduct a manual review of the proof of address for both parties to ensure thorough verification. Once this process is complete, we issue a confirmation to both the renter and the landlord, providing assurance that the verification has been successfully performed. This comprehensive approach ensures the highest level of accuracy and security in our verification process.

Our payment process is facilitated by Stripe, a secure and trusted online payment platform. Once you decide to proceed with our service, you’ll receive a payment link via email. Through this link, you can easily make your payment online using a card or choose from other available payment methods. This system ensures a smooth, secure, and convenient transaction for you.

Absolutely, Secureprop’s suite of security tools is designed for universal applicability. Whether you find your rental property on a traditional real estate platform, through social media, or via classified ads, our tools are fully equipped to provide the necessary security measures. This flexibility ensures that no matter where you come across a rental opportunity, Secureprop is there to safeguard the transaction.

Landlords should contact Secureprop as early as possible, ideally at the point of listing their property or when they start looking for tenants. Early engagement with Secureprop ensures that the verification and rental process is secured from the outset. This proactive approach allows us to assist with tenant verification, rent handling, and any other queries you may have, safeguarding your rental dealings and providing peace of mind before any agreements are finalized.

At Secureprop, we prioritise the confidentiality and security of all data shared with us. All information, including identification and proof of address, is securely encrypted to ensure its protection. In compliance with GDPR and our commitment to privacy, access to this sensitive personal information is strictly controlled and limited. Additionally, to further safeguard your privacy, we ensure that all sensitive data is securely destroyed after a 90-day retention period. You can trust that your information is handled with the utmost care and respect for your privacy.

While it is generally recommended for safety reasons that renters view a property before proceeding, we understand this isn’t always feasible, especially for international renters. Recognising this practical challenge, Secureprop offers tools that empower renters to proceed with confidence, even if they haven’t physically seen the property. Our verification and security services are designed to ensure the legitimacy and safety of the rental process, bridging the gap for those unable to visit the property in person.

Secureprop Escrow is a protective service designed for renters who need to make advance rent or deposit payments before their move-in date. It addresses a common issue in the online rental market — the theft of pre-let rental payments, a typical aspect of many rental scams. By using Secureprop Escrow, renters’ funds are securely held and only released to the landlord under the agreed-upon conditions, thereby safeguarding against potential fraud.

No, we maintain strict confidentiality regarding all information shared with Secureprop. It is uploaded to a highly secure, encrypted platform, ensuring maximum data protection. Our process involves notifying the student only about the successful verification of the landlord’s identity and address. We do not share any specific documentation or detailed information with the student. In adherence to GDPR guidelines, all data is securely and automatically deleted after a 90-day retention period, further underlining our commitment to privacy and data security.

Absolutely. One of our key objectives is to educate and raise awareness about the latest property scams and effective prevention strategies. Our blog is regularly updated with insightful articles covering a range of security-related topics, including detailed analyses of recent scams. We encourage you to explore these resources for valuable information. Should you have specific queries or need further details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to assist you in staying informed and protected.

Absolutely, reporting scams plays a crucial role in prevention and raising awareness within the community. If you have encountered or suspect a scam, please contact us confidentially at Your report can significantly contribute to protecting others. For more information about how scam reporting works and its importance, you can find detailed insights here. Your vigilance and participation are invaluable in our collective effort to combat rental fraud.

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    Excellent service!

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    Relieved a lot of stress around my accommodation search.

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    Highly recommend this service to anyone looking for accommodation!

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    Helped at a very stressful time , direct and fast ! I really appreciate it

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