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Landlord Verification – How it Works

1. Download the App

Click the link below and enter your phone number. You will receive an SMS with a link to download the ID-Pal app. This secure application ensures the safe and efficient submission of your identification documents. To begin, click the green “Start Verification” button below.

start verification

2. Submit Documents

Once you have downloaded the app, follow the instructions to upload your identification documents. The app is designed to guide you through a quick and secure document submission process. Rest assured, all submitted data is encrypted to ensure your privacy and security.

3. Verification Confirmation

After your documents are submitted, we will conduct a thorough verification process. This includes rigorous technical checks to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided. Once verified, we will notify both you and SETU that your status has been confirmed. This final step ensures that all parties are informed and that the verification is successfully completed.

Renting Out a Room? See How We Can Help.

Our Rent-a-Room Support Service provides comprehensive assistance to homeowners throughout the rental process. We handle everything from drafting License to Reside Agreements and coordinating signatures to advising on optimal terms and best practices. Additionally, our services include secure management of student payments, ensuring there is no need for you to share your bank details with students. We also verify student identities and more. Contact us today for a quote.

Our Rent-a-Room Support Service includes:

Preparation of compliant license agreements

Facilitate necessary signature collection

Guidance on rental terms and best practices

Secure Payments: no bank details shared

Student identity & address verification

Support throughout your student’s stay

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Frequently Asked Questions was established to tackle the growing challenge of online property rental scams. Recognising that these scams often go undetected by renters until it’s too late and seeing the low rates of fraud prosecution, our goal is to offer preventive solutions. Our comprehensive suite of security tools and services is designed to protect both renters and landlords from falling victim to these scams.

Typically, the document upload and verification process can be completed in about 5 minutes.

Taking a photo as part of your submission is known as a liveness test. This test ensures that the person submitting the documentation is indeed the rightful owner and actively present during the process.

You may submit any utility or insurance bill from the past six months as proof of address.

No, we maintain strict confidentiality regarding all information shared with Secureprop. It is uploaded to a highly secure, encrypted platform, ensuring maximum data protection. Our process involves notifying the student only about the successful verification of the landlord’s identity and address. We do not share any specific documentation or detailed information with the student. In adherence to GDPR guidelines, all data is securely and automatically deleted after a 90-day retention period, further underlining our commitment to privacy and data security.

Secureprop offers a comprehensive Rent-a-Room Support Service designed to assist homeowners throughout the rental process. Our services include:

  • Drafting and Coordinating Legal Agreements: We create License to Reside Agreements and coordinate the collection of signatures, ensuring legal compliance and ease.
  • Advisory Services: We provide expert advice on establishing optimal rental terms and implementing rent-a-room best practices to maximise your rental success.
  • Secure Payment Management: We handle all student payments securely, which means there’s no need for you to share your bank details with tenants.
  • Identity Verification: We also perform thorough identity checks on students to ensure security and trustworthiness.

Our goal is to make renting out your room as simple and safe as possible. Contact us today to get a detailed quote and learn more about how we can support your rental needs.

Secureprop Escrow is a protective service designed for renters who need to make advance rent or deposit payments before their move-in date. It addresses a common issue in the online rental market — the theft of pre-let rental payments, a typical aspect of many rental scams. By using Secureprop Escrow, renters’ funds are securely held and only released to the landlord under the agreed-upon conditions, thereby safeguarding against potential fraud.

A Secureprop risk assessment is a thorough evaluation of a rental proposition’s potential risks, leveraging our extensive experience in the rental market. By combining manual review with technological tools, we analyze the specific circumstances and details of your rental offer. Following this analysis, we provide renters with a detailed set of recommendations, clearly outlining our risk determination. This process is designed to help renters make informed and secure decisions in their rental journey.

Absolutely, reporting scams plays a crucial role in prevention and raising awareness within the community. If you have encountered or suspect a scam, please contact us confidentially at Your report can significantly contribute to protecting others. For more information about how scam reporting works and its importance, you can find detailed insights here. Your vigilance and participation are invaluable in our collective effort to combat rental fraud.

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