Fraud Risk Assessment

we assess fraud risk for renters

We assess fraud risk for renters before they proceed with a property rental offer. We determine risk using a mix of technology and manual reviews, based on information provided by the renter. Suitable for renters who are unsure about the legitimacy of the rental property, would like added assurance or are unable to use alternative Secureprop Security tools. Our fee is €24.99 per risk assessment.

Review of 20+ data points to assess risk

Low/moderate/high risk determination

Red flags warning if applicable

No landlord involvement in the process

why risk assessment matters

Renters may be unsure about the legitimacy of an online rental property but don’t necessarily want to walk away. An independent risk assessment enables renters to determine whether they should proceed with a property rental or if added safeguards are recommended. Currently, renters often walk away from legitimate offers because they are unsure – our tools enable them to proceed with adequate safeguards in place.

Specialist independent risk assessment tools and procedures can protect renters by spotting red flags on their behalf, without any landlord involvement.

Secureprop risk assessment issues risk assessment as well as advice regarding rent scam safeguards.

Risk assessment benefits

Confidential process with renter only

Prevents fraud prior to payment

Red Flag Notification

Risk assessment report

Practical advice regarding added safeguards



Renter identifies a property to rent but would like to assess its authenticity.

Prior to finalising the agreement or paying the landlord, the renter contacts Secureprop at to review and assess the level of risk.

This risk assessment is most beneficial for renters prior to payment.

2. Risk assessment

We gather the required information from the renter and commence the review.

Additional information and clarification may be sought throughout the process and complete information is required to determine risk in its entirety.

The process can be completed within 24 hours.

3. Report and Recommendation

Secureprop issues a risk report outlining the level of fraud risk associated with the proposed property rental.

Recommendations, advice and practical guidance is also provided if applicable.

All risk assessments and reports are issued to renters only.


Who should request a Secureprop Risk assessment?

This service is appropriate for renters who would like assurance or advice prior to paying a landlord or finalising a rental agreement. Also suitable for renters who have been unable to use Secureprop’s other security tools and would like a discrete risk assessment as an alternative.

How much does a Secureprop Risk assessment cost?

Comprehensive risk assessments cost €24.99 inclusive of VAT.

What should a renter do if a landlord does not wish to use Secureprop Verify or Secureprop Escrow?

Secureprop’s risk assessment service is suitable for renters who are interested in renting a property, but the landlord/agent does not wish to use Secureprop Verify or Secureprop Escrow.

Is the landlord/agent involved in the risk assessment?

No, landlords have no involvement. This service is provided for renters, in a confidential manner.

How long does a risk assessment take?

Risk assessments are typically completed within 24 – 48 hours assuming all relevant information is provided to Secureprop on a timely basis.

Renters should proceed with a degree of caution, regardless of the risk determination however we would advise renters to add additional security tools or not proceed in the instance of high risk reports.

Payments are powered by stripe. You will receive a payment link and can pay online via card or the payment method of your choice?

Secureprop will contact the renter to request all relevant information. The more information, the better the risk deamination.

Secureprop does not share renter or transaction information with any other parties.

The purpose of the risk assessment is to determine if the renter needs to take additional steps to secure a transaction, or if they should discontinue the process regardless. Appropriate action, based on the risk determination, should be taken by the renter to prevent fraud. was created to combat online property rental scams. We believe that prevention is key – online property scams are typically only detected by renters after the fact and unfortunately the rate of prosecution is low. If used properly, our security tools and services can protect renters and landlords from online property scams.

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