Rent property the secure way

We protect renters from online rent scams via preventative security tools and services. We also aim to raising awareness regarding online rent scams and issue alerts. Our services include:

Landlord identity and proof of address verification.

Escrow facilities to hold a renter’s pre-let rent payments and deposits until after the move in date.

Assessing the level or risk associated with a rental offer before a renter commits.

Dublin Renter challenges

Renters are faced with numerous challenges when searching for housing in Dublin. The shortage of suitable accommodation has created an environment where renters are taking risks, from a security perspective, to avoid missing out on properties.

International renters, particularly students, are becoming increasingly vulnerable and fraudsters are taking advantage. Oftentimes, these renters are forced to walk away from legitimate property offers because they have no way of verifying – this makes it even more difficult to Secure accommodation.

We believe there’s a better way. Renters need increased protection and should have access to security services and support. aims to enable renters to find accommodation securely, regardless of their location.



Only transact with authentic landlords with Secureprop Verify.

We ensure that landlords are who they say the are. Our system detects fake or doctored identification – our liveness and biometric testing prevents scammers from using stolen identification.


Protect before you pay with Secureprop Escrow.

Renters are being forced to pay online strangers significant amounts of money for properties which they’ve never seen or visited.

We hold your rental payments in escrow and only release the funds to the landlord after you move in. This prevents fraudulent landlords from stealing your money.


Assess the risk before you pay with Secureprop Risk.

We review rental offers and circumstances and issue a risk determination and recommendation.

We can identify red flags and prevent renters from paying landlords/agents in high risk scenarios.

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